Bitless Bridle™ Associate Clinicians (BBACs) Worldwide

The Bitless Bridle Inc ( has appointed Bitless Bridle Associate Clinicians in many countries around the globe.

The purpose of this programme is to spread the word and to provide riders in countries abroad with the opportunity to purchase The Bitless Bridle™ directly from experienced horse persons in their own country. Bitless Bridle Associate Clinicians (BBACs) are selected because of their ability to contribute to the educational and welfare aspects of the bridle. Additional BBACs will be appointed as suitably qualified individuals are identified.

Please go to for the most up-to-date contact information for BBACs around the world.

In UK - Bitless Bridle UK

(We also ship to countries in Europe that do not yet have a BBAC and to Brits abroad who prefer to order in English)

Proprietor: Sheila Lee Thompson

Address: Bitless Bridle UK, Gwarallt, Talsarn, Lampeter, SA48 8RA

Telephone: 01570 471541 (answerphone if unavailable); mobile: 07799 784350

Email: or use the Contact Form to email us (this web site)

USA - Home of The Bitless Bridle™ (for all other countries)

If you have questions about ordering or delivering in USA, or if you need some advice about the product or a particular problem concerning your horse, please

Telephone: (717)-812-1598 or toll free at (866)-235-0938,

or Email The Bitless Bridle USA

Address: The Bitless Bridle Inc, 2020 south Queen Street, York, PA 17403-4829

You can order online at

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